IW064 - Following the Stream of Thoughts


Hello Son,

Following the Stream of Thoughts

The higher consciousness is like a download of data; when we focus we actually connect this consciousness to the power source, then the download commences.

We then keep this focus and the download continues; but as soon as we start thinking about other things or become distracted, the connection or current stops.

However, as soon as we focus again the flow continues.

It is the very reason all the Prophets were prescribed meditation to help in their focus and to make connection with God. We have to stop and think for a while to weigh the benefits.

We should not be concerned about experience and things in meditation; as sitting in silence is a rejuvenation of the mind and we can find the mental state or even our emotional state just by sitting in meditation and monitoring our thoughts.

The flow and the current of belief is essential to maintain this connection. Even during a conversation with your higher consciousness; we begin to doubt the message, we actually reduce the current and then a diluted message is received.

There are many people all around the world who have this ability who are not using it. There are a variety of reasons; which the main is due to time.

Remember, God will give you the time; so long as you have the intention and honesty, He will give you the guidance to carry out this connection.

The fifth dimensional switch over relies on your trust of your inner wisdom; but if you are still in doubt it is because the connection with your higher is not giving you the belief that is needed to make strides in your spiritual development.

The Lord has being preparing you for this switch over to the fifth dimensional vibration for years, yet we sit still and not take the precious time to walk through this door.

You are all talented and possess enormous potentials and no person is the same. The Lord has given you a variety of different potentials to use to help yourself and others.

Time to wake up further; and feel the gentle breeze of truth and wisdom, which is the elixir of an epic journey like not other.

Your mother; walk the path and have the trust in your heart with you always.