IW063 - The Story of your Life


Hello Son,

The Story of your Life

When you look back in your life, there has been mixed scenes when you were in total despair. But in these challenging moments, we remind you, you have made it.

You went through those times and stood tall, even though, there was nowhere to go. The past has made you what you are, so stop fighting these memories and move on.

Know this is your moment to rise above the lower vibrations and see the world, the spiritual world and all dimensions.

The past life was your foundation, but it is time for you to GRADUATE.

Live no more in the mind, but in the higher consciousness of the soul.

Live in the NOW and not your past.

View the world in pride and that you have fought through it with rising colours.

Live no more with sorrow but lift yourself and see.

Your mother; rise above and keep rising.