IW062 - Thinking in all sides


Hello Son,

Thinking in all sides

Harmony in the mind is essential for a balanced and positive mind that is able to think clearly without any pressures.

When a person reaches this state he is able to slow his responses and act accordingly, first by thinking it through before any answers are given.

He weighs up the situation and sees how the situation could change if he responded in a way that could ruin the balance of the area, surrounding or even between two people.

It is being careful that is the word.

Being careful, a person’s intentions are always pure and positive for he knows how anger, disharmony and jealousy are the product of current times; that lead many to disputes.

We remind you the spiritual path is part journey and the other a balance in how we conduct ourselves, in what we say and do.

God does not tolerate disorder in any way but even then he forgives when a person has changed his ways.

When a person uses his higher intellect and thinks in all sides carefully before he responds to any answers, he has invited a higher wisdom to his soul. He is now connected to the source that is full of love and kindness.

His own personality changes and he is more at peace than ever before because his mind, body and soul is being replenished from the higher intellect that he uses in his daily life; at the same time being careful and sticking to principles that served Sages, Saints and Prophets well.

The path after this month will be activated for you to follow; that is combined with the highest vibrations the world has never seen.

You are to be embraced in the arms of the Lord.

Your mother; the thought and actions are a catalyst of Karma.