IW061 - Multiple increases in awakening


Hello Son,

Multiple increases in awakening

Those who are just beginning their journey to the truth and reality will finally find the source they were looking for. This will give them an added boost and peace in their mind.

Many however, are in a circle of belief to unbelief and waiver about all things. We do appreciate dear light beings that it is evidence that you seek; as the evidence is already here, just you are looking in the wrong direction.

Some are caught in conspiracy theories and should be spending a part of the time in raising their own vibration. The time is for you, as the Lord is sponsoring everyone and the Ascended Masters are beckoning mankind to find their true self and reap the rewards.

As the energies increase again and again, so will your anxiety levels if the cleansing and the discarding of old memories are not dealt with.

In all aspects of life including oneself, a balance is essential to maintain the status quo. Mind is the key to all things and the portal to all dimensions if you seek this out.

But freeing the mind from karma and accepting a higherself in you is part of the journey to recovery and remembering.

We are here in this time to remember the encounter when God transferred the knowledge and showed all of reality. This encounter is slowly unravelling our own mystery of the self and universe.

The soul is the real body and as we connect with it we will find another dimension to communicate with to understand the wisdom that is lacking in man.
Your mother; old karma and current life challenges will resurface and need your attention, come to compromise wherever you can.