IW060 - Knowing when to listen and when to react accordingly


Hello Son,       

Knowing when to listen and when to react accordingly

When a person awakens, the whole personality changes. He becomes reflective and at the same time more aware of his surroundings than ever before.

He has tuned himself to the universal consciousness that feeds the planet and all things. This tuning increases according to the humility and how tuned the person is.

In the beginning calmness overcomes him and he is mainly silent not knowing what has happened. A doubt and uncertainty race through his behind as his perception and view of things has changed.

He goes through a cycle of evaluation of all things; pondering and searching for answers. He does this without telling anyone in some cases, as he is not adjusted to the change.

In this change he learns when to listen and when to communicate; and always decides to weigh up any situation before an answer or remark be given.

Overtime he realises that he is getting answers from all sources, he wonders how quickly he is learning. But does not realise it is the universe that is providing his needs and his queries.

He learns that walking the path and waking up to the truth in reality and God is a disciplined path that requires a lot of patience and even sacrifice.

We cannot live the life as normal and learn the knowledge and even remember who we are, if we do not let go of our addictions and materialistic hoarding.

If our minds are free from the world stresses and challenges; this includes learning how to disconnect the things that ruin or even misguide others into a false illusion; then we can pick ourselves up and see the world with a different pair of eyes.

The journey is yours and the decisions you make right now are still very important.

Your mother; when actions are taken situations change for you; but when no action is made then nothing will happen.