IW059 - Standing firm to your own values


Hello Son,

Standing firm to your own values

Compromise whenever possible but remember your own journey and do not loose focus. Others may not understand at this time what you are going through; they do not see what you see and as a result are still vibrating at third dimensional frequency.

At this frequency the mind is not consistent as there are too many variables in people’s emotions. Be assured your presence is essential to bring balance to an area that needs to be guided.

If you seek evidence in where the planet and mankind are leading to; then it is in your finger tips. This information we have inscribed in the minds of man all around the world.

Try to understand and even remind yourself that many are still playing the scenes in this vibration and are not ready to ascend. If you talk to them they will not see what you see and as a result you will be disappointed.

Humanity is changing and it does not change in a day; it takes hard work and even sweat and tears. To make sacrifices in the cause is essential whether it be time or even loosing your own social circle for a while.

Stand firm to your own values and routines, as they have befitted you; see how much you are learnt in such a short space of time.

This tremendous learning will continue as the desire to learn and be inquisitive is still their in your hearts. We have given you this appetite as the Lord wants an end to mankind way of life that has given so little reward to so many; but give you another reward in connecting with the higher realms of existence.

Every time you connect with your higherself peace will overtake the uncertainty and you are a witness to this. When a person disconnects with there higher self he comes back to the turbulent vibrations of this zone and surrounding.

Sometimes for your own personal goals and achievements sacrifices has to be made.

This is your time and the time is now.

Your mother; changes are necessary for the benefit of mankind.