IW058 - Evil multiplies when others refuse and reply negatively


Hello Son,

Evil multiplies when others refuse and reply negatively

When anger is met with more anger it spreads and leaves an imprint in the ether wherever the place maybe. It multiplies and the mind loses its friend the higher consciousness and the Godself for a while; we become hasty, and fall into the trap of ‘I must be right and you are wrong’; in this war of words no one has one because someone has been hurt.

The mind is left confused or even trying to undo the situation.

If mankind understood everyone’s own predicament then he would tread his words carefully.
Everyone’s selfish nature all around the world has meant he has to live life with challenging circumstances in almost a daily event of uncertainty.

If one person stood up and was willing to make changes for the mankind then his rewards will multiply again and again; for he is thinking not of himself but for mankind.

The needs of the many are enormous and they need your help to find the happiness they all seek.

The peace of mind is far away from others as they lack the faith you have and the trust of God.

This is called cleansing and it will accelerate and many emotions will surface when one thought it was forgotten.

When we cry for help the first steps must be yours to accept that help; then the positive actions you must take to relieve any problem, situation and event.

If others do not understand then leave them until they come to terms or make adjustments. But make no negative ripples as this will lessen your personal progress for a while.

Know that the Lord understands and sees and hears all.

Your mother; the path is journeying out into order if you understand; as the light intensifies.