IW057 - Emotional Maze of Consequences


Hello Son,

Emotional Maze of Consequences

In life with all the turbulence of emotions when dealing with others, nothing can be promised. This is because life is full of unexplained variables and consequences.

We are dealing with people’s emotions and their own cleansing.

If mankind learns to forgive each other and accept the world as it is and not blame others, then we can all live happily with understanding.

Everyone reading these words is a pioneer for you are the seeds for the next harvest. This is how important you are.

Many people are stuck on a ledge not knowing what direction to take to ‘what should I do now?’.

You all have made a decision and it for this reason you are seeing it through to the end. If we stop now, then all your perseverance and hard work will end up incomplete or even delayed.

Some people in our daily life will never understand, this is because they do not see what you see. There is no wrong or right in this situation it is because their path is not the same as yours; it does not matter how close that person is.

Emotions are like a maze, from one turn to another; they end up at the same place when you have started.

At this time you are important to carry on your routine which is definitely reaping you rewards; there is no doubt. See how much you have learnt in such a short space of time.

If we stop and think of other people's mixed emotions and opinions then no progress will ever be made. Accept with a smile that life is not easy and continue the love you all have for humanity.

I say again, you are the next harvest that will make the world change and rid all the pollution; and the spread of truth to all the land and beyond the seas.

Your mother; love each other when others have given up; your presence is like a generator spreading positive energy wherever you go. You are valuable.