IW056 - Unpollute the Mind for tomorrow


Hello Son,

Unpollute the Mind for tomorrow

Practicing self discipline is a start and foundation of a learner; as he has mentally decided to persevere on his chosen path. Not only this but in anything we do in life or even at home.

It is the dedication and the hours we put in, in perfecting and tuning to one's focus or focuses.

In the beginning, anything new becomes hard work, but once a routine is created, it quickly changes to a quick and easy routine.

This is because the mind becomes peaceful and it has built up the tolerance for the new routine to be accepted in the mind.

The mind is the most important as it has to be satisfied; so the right or wrong is essential analysis in the makeup of the mind, body and soul complex.

Once the mind and logic brain is satisfied we can carry this through; at the same time an increase in energy floods into the body. This influx gives more ideas and insight to feed the appetite we have to keep us all going.

Whatever we learn or acquire will never be enough as we slowly accept that we need to be cleansed from our chaotic thoughts.

But a thought along the way, will tell you that you are perfect; this is the connection you have made with God, who is soothing and calming the mind.

This calmness leaves us in a balance which only that person can describe as it is different for everyone. But it is a state of pleasure when a person has been totally submerged in a lake of ecstasy.

Once we think of good things and do good deeds, together with being careful what we say to others, we begin the cleansing of the mind.

Our baggage is being taken off the load is becoming lighter.

Your mother; take time to live the experiences and enjoy them in your daily lives. Every opportunity is priceless.