IW054 - Spiritual Eyes and looking beyond


Hello Son,

Spiritual Eyes and looking beyond

As you wake up, the veil of doubt and uncertainty is fading away; your belief is increasing each day, finally you have hope.

Your spiritual eyes are connected with your higher consciousness and it only knows the truth. So let go of the fear of the surrounding and just be and live; in the moment of now.

Your eyes are full of compassion as you sit in peace and let the surrounding love vibrations fill your body.

The spiritual eyes sees according to the level you are functioning at and it is here to help, so fear not and just simply be.

The love in your hearts is circulating around your environment and it serves you. This light is no ordinary light but wisdom for those who listen in silence and perceive by their instinct and intuition.

No two people are alike not even a twin.

Each one; you have a role to play and you are already part of this awakening; some are here to experience and witness what is going on during this time; whilst others are here to serve mankind and be part of the energy that will rebuild the foundations of the planet through kindness and love.

Your dreams are becoming more vivid as you melt into the new vibrations of the planet and universe; it here to stay and the old paradigm is fading away.

The last battle is the rid of the ego that tells everyone to fear and be prepared; but if you believe then believe in God who will guide you through the chaos of others and into a shift of calmness and understanding.
You are loved to the chore and beyond all the reincarnations of the past.

There is only love and it is this that is increasing in all of you.

Your mother; silence is the key to many doors.