IW053 - Trusting your Inner messages


Hello Son,

Trusting your Inner messages

When a person enters a new place he checks his maps carefully and begins to plan his journey. The planning is the easiest thing to do but getting and finding the place where only a map is a crude guide is quite challenging.

But the most important challenge for everyone is oneself and the inner messages from the higher consciousness.

There is no misguidance, but only the lack of faith that pollutes the message.

It is through the clarity of the mind and thinking that governs the message and the interpretation.

The most important is that we learn to trust the guidance and the belief in God; when we question and argue against Him constantly, then we lose the connection and trust.

The higher force is the reward that is given to all, through Divine messages; do we listen or we still denying that which everyone possesses?

Your mother; find your talent and use it accordingly through honesty and patience.