IW049 - The Death of Wisdom


Hello Son,

The Death of Wisdom

Centuries ago values meant something. Humility and meekness was favoured over the rashness of old.

Once mankind began to compete with one another, it led to fighting in amongst tribes and groups of people; as this continued jealousy and prejudism was on the rise.

Competition was common and the connection with God decreased slowly until there was darkness, remaining only a faint signal.

Wisdom, intuition and insight were lost.

Once mankind realises that how we conduct ourselves with each other in what we say and do, the wisdom will never be inherited.

The Lord has forgiven your past and asks that you elevate above the lower limited thinking that once caused so many differences between the groups of families, nations and countries.

Wisdom and Divine knowledge is at your finger tips and this is your personal goal. Many nations in the past have made many mistakes and suffered consequences.

Find your destiny of truth.

Your mother; the birth of wisdom is here, signalling the end of falsehood.