IW048 - Separation and Oneness


Hello Son,

Separation and Oneness

As the energies' increase is mainly down to you and the sudden change in personal interest; some will find that they need a change in their personal life; whilst others will want to meet old friends and family.

This change in thinking and intuition is making everyone look inwards and into their own silence. You may find that with some people they are quiet more than usual and whilst with others more excited, but this is less.

You feel differently and you respond to others differently too; as you are becoming more mindful in what you do and say. This is the personal part of awakening taking place which accepts the new you and acknowledges the wisdom of your own intuition.

Others will notice this separation but you know better and realise that it is not separation but a merging into singularity and oneness. It is like when we find ourselves and we perceive things differently too.

This change of personality will increase but this is all positive.

Your mother; the change is towards the Divine plan and into a new vibration of Love, that your bodies are being accustomed too.