IW047 - Success by Giving


Hello Son,

Success by Giving

In every Holy Book we have said to ‘spend from what is provided’, in return ‘you will receive the benefits’.

This is not religious values but a person who has etiquette and manners would do to help others. Many do this in their daily lives in a variety of different ways to help others and themselves.

To spend is to also give time to someone to help others or and money if need be. This also includes giving advice and helping out to aid another in times of needs.

When a person gives up his time for others he is rewarded spiritually; and the Lord elevates him and provides for his needs.

Spiritual path of enlightenment and awakening involves a complete personal development, which includes what we say and do, especially for others.

This cannot be bartered with as the Lord expects the best to come out in a person when he conducts himself accordingly.

We remind you of this as some are expecting a great deal in return, but the Lord asks first you must give to receive.

The Lord has been generous and continues to be in helping you to find the path which has been made considerably easier than before. He has even made access to knowledge readily available so that you too can explain to others.

He asks again, success in our life and beyond is by giving what has been provided; whether it be knowledge or personal aid.
Your mother; in giving you will receive the light and knowledge to awaken the heart.