IW045 - Building the Mind over Time


Hello Son,

Building the Mind over Time

The mind is a fragile yet strong organ that can take enormous pressure, but at the same time enough to break down.

Everyone has their own tolerances; this is based around experiences and how much intensity and endurance a person has during his lifetime.

By this, I will explain;

Often through experiences we build, under a pressured life, give rise to an inner strength for our future life and understanding. God builds and moulds a person to tolerate the energies He will give to you, in truth and wisdom.

His goal is for mankind to inherent the knowledge destined through Adam. This has always been our goal, yet over time this was lost through our own corruption and materialistic approach to our life.

Nevertheless, He has made you to focus and brought you all back to focus, so that you may find this Path of understanding.

As many of you on a daily basis are now; beginning to understand and at the same time finding knowledge easily; when at a time nothing was found. This is not by coincidence but the opposite; it was meant to be at this time.

There are many twists and turns for a person in this journey and it has never been easy, due to our lack of understanding through lower limited senses.

But there is silver lining in a cloud and a pot of gold waiting for that person, who stands tall over difficult circumstances and trusts the guidance in God.

He knows what is good for you and he knows what you do not know; as he created life and all its events through time.

Your mother; stand tall while others fall down and lament not in sorrow; but give rise to hope knowing the goal is always within reach. You are much loved and never forgotten.