IW044 - The Transformation of Your Journey


Hello Son,

The Transformation of Your Journey

We remind you that the transformational process from third dimensional awakening to fifth has always been a gradual process depending on the person and where he is along his path.

Some have regarded this as a race and judged the value of others against themselves. This point was never the aim but a personal journey under personal development over time.

We can give examples of this metamorphosis transformation and its process; for instance the tortoise and the hare and the example of a caterpillar, slow and steady in his life then the final master piece of turning into a butterfly.

This is all of you and the journey you are taking at this time.

Though there may be turbulence in one life and emotional upheaval, but the end result is always the same; success for mankind.

It is the steps we take and the necessary changes we make towards our progress that aids our personal and spiritual journey.

Such is the mercy and His kindness, the Lord has begun the process awakening many people. Even though they are not totally aware over what is happening; they know something is happening and that is all.

But if they only knew, it would be better for them; even so He has given hints in their life, in the shape of signs, images in the mind or a drop of thoughts; so that he may follow this line of inquiry.

The Lord has made it clear and has made access to information, via the internet, if you will seek the rewards, this will be multiplied AND the true and hardy amongst yourselves will inherent the life to come in happiness and love.

Your pursuits are your own and the reward is what you want in your life.

Every person has their own desires and aims in life and God always grants all who is worthy and uses His discretion so that you may prosper as a person.

He knows on occasions we feel something has been taken away from you, during your lives. But we must understand that, He knows what is best for you.

In the short term we may not understand. However in long term; the process of conscious awakening and finding the fruits of inspiration; there is a reward worth waiting for.

Nice and easy, through experience and a building of insight and understanding, it is a better way to learn. Like the tortoise who walked according to his pace and understanding; and like the caterpillar slowly moving along the trees and journeying along oblivious to what is truly happening around the world, yet enough to follow its path. They both won their goal.

The tortoise winning the race; and the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

This is you.

Your mother; in the chaos of the world there is a sanctuary in silence we all retreat to. This is the space where God enters to communicate and commune with you all. Seek this and find the goal in life.