IW043 - In the Depth of Grief a light shines Forth


Hello Son,

In the Depth of Grief a light shines Forth

Until man is shaken and his values are tested for their worth; he wakes up with a different pair of eyes. Before everything it was like wearing a pair of sun glasses; no matter what we say the words did not mean anything; as the veil was over their eyes, and even their mouth and ears.

Why is it, when man is in his deepest sadness they begin to rationalise and look for answers in their inner mind, constantly tapping the information. He delves deeper and deeper looking for explanations and for why things happen and for what reason.

Some find the answers, others they need time until a ray of hope has entered their hearts.

But in this depth, God is found for he hears and sees all, even the cries in silence he hears, you are never alone.

Often the misfortunes are not misfortunes but only a redirection to a journey that the Lord wishes you to undertake, so lament not in sorrow.

The smile is upon the face of God, for he is honoured and pleased that you have called out his name and entered the chambers of the silent sanctuary of the mind, looking for answers.

This is the secret for all, the inner sanctuary portal of knowledge that is inherent in all; for they only need to look in the right place.

We all seek refuge in our woes and sadness in our minds; but the Lord wishes that you visit when you are happy and peaceful.

The Lord wishes you no harm but gives unconditional love for you, and that you may understand what is best.
It is only a redirection so that the light may enter in all of your hearts and feel; and understand the wisdom of the Lord.

Your mother; in lapse wisdom may enter, in love it floods in and embraces you with Divine purpose; He loves you more than you can understand; Do you understand now?