IW042 - Higher Thinking


Hello Son,

Higher Thinking

Inspiration and impressions of things, objects and items are registered in the heart. Often we wonder in amazement, pausing and looking in admiration of the object that is upon our gaze.

Character, idea and even in-depth thoughts work in the same principles, as these thoughts must have come from somewhere.

In our life if we are attracted by or impressed by an example or person, then we unconsciously try to mimic their everyday life or even mannerisms. This is because the impression is deep into the conscious and the ideas and chattering of that person is constant.

Once a person is in this state it slowly takes over his thinking, his desire to be this person becomes stronger each day and the way he thinks too changes.

We have all read thousands of words from authors around the world including books read in school too. On occasions we have paused to absorb the words and have been impressed.

When we walk the path, there must be a reason why we are doing this, could the reason be because we were inspired by Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or Krishna.

Where did the source of inspiration come from?

We will find the answer in the way we are and what we have been searching for. The mind reflects and puts impressions in images and imprints. They form the foundation of our spiritual definition and character; this is our main inspiration and we get our energy from the enlightened Prophets and Sages.
Some people call it an aim or goal in life; this is true if it is deeply reflected in the mind and that it inspires us to work for it.

The higher thoughts are there to be used to find also the reflection of the soul, for it too is inspires when it ventures our in our sleep.

Your mother; there is knowledge in these words for us to understand and risk all for.