IW041 - The Reflection of the Mind


Hello Son,

The Reflection of the Mind

The depth of emotions and why we do the things we do in any one day; needs to be understood in order to make your lives better and happier.

In a day we come into contact with so many people, in the work place, friends, families and even as we walk by.

Our consciousness is tapped into the universal consciousness, which is like a huge storage of information, flowing in and out. This circulates around the planet feeding and is also fed by other consciouses all around the world.

Therefore we are all interconnected and what we do and say effects other conscious’s too.

His mind holds images and information as storage and uses this to analyse
and work things out. So any one time we are holding images constantly as the mind is never at rest.

We can call these images reflections and we pick up other reflections and images off other minds too; especially from friends and families who we care about or are worried about;  we can be inspired through this.

Emotions work the same way.

We can actually pick up reflections of other minds into our own. It is for this reason; we can be sad or even happy during a single day. The more active we are and the more contact we have with people, we pick up reflections of the people's mind.

If a person is happier he feeds the environment and the universal consciousness, first to the surroundings, then the universe.

Often people ask why I feel dazed or depressed when there is no reason of your own. Perhaps this is because it is not of your sadness yet someone else’s reflection.

When we meditate, thoughts and images race through the mind and settle down. We can get a flavour of the mind just by meditating and seeing what we are thinking.

Often deep memories and thoughts go by to resurface and we feed this to our surrounding.

Reflections are like energies that flow in and out of the mind.

Your mother; understand the mind and you will understand the concepts of the birth on consciousness.