IW040 - State of the Mind


Hello Son,

State of the Mind

At this moment we have to ask ourselves what our state of mind is?

Are we; at peace, restless, fed up, angry, or the opposite; really happy and glad to be alive.

This is not easy to answer as so many are going through the cleansing phase before the upgrade of consciousness we call ascension. There is much turbulence in the mind right now that has seen many confused on a daily basis.

However, it is how we approach ourselves and do we actually understand ourselves more than a year ago? There is wisdom in everyone at this time and it is guiding you all to areas where you would have never looked before.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the soul is guiding you to the right places to look for answers, so trust in this and be at peace.

Trust in your state of mind and demand it to be at peace, and seek the things that will give you peace. If you want to go out and enjoy yourself then do so.

Think about yourself more each day and how you can settle down and relax.

Your mother; changes mean some things have to be sacrificed but happiness is everyone's aim in life and is never negotiable.