IW039 - Searching for the moment of Inspiration


Hello Son,

Searching for the moment of Inspiration

When a person is unsure of his journey, he either plans ahead or asks someone for help. The spiritual path is the same; a guide is appointed to serve your needs.

The first step has to be from you, this can be the desire and dedication for a guide to be in charge of your learning.

However, there are many who are in two minds of believing in themselves and about what is truly happening around the world. My dear ones this is not the time to rationalise and try to put everything into a bag and assume everything has an explanation.

There are many questions that simply cannot be answered, as these can only be answered from your inner voice. It is the probability of your own actions that govern the response.

If the answers are not able to be accessed, then we suggest that you overview the whole situation and focus on developing a relationship that promotes kindness, peace, harmony and love. These qualities are in short supply as there is still war mongering among the dark lords who still have a foothold on the world.

We praise you all for your patience during this transitional change of consciousness that is taking place. There is still a lot you can do so do not sit on your laurels but be active in your pursuit of happiness.

The media are focusing on distracting you at this time and creating fear so that your vibrations will be lower. So watch and do positive things that keep the faith alive so that changes within goes smoothly.

There is no simple button to press for personal spiritual development; yes often you have realised it is a hard constant battle of the mind, body and soul. There is conflict of ideas with the self and continuous array of questions.

We suggest you quieten the mind and try to be at peace, let the transitional change within you settle down; then answers will come and you will be guided to them.

Your mother; your love amplifies each day to the surrounding and beyond the cosmos.