IW038 - Controlling the fire by holding oneself back Voluntarily


Hello Son,

Controlling the fire by holding oneself back Voluntarily

Fire has many strengths and intensities; some fires burn slowly; smouldering away in a low temperature. There are others that burn spontaneously in a big inferno and lose their temperature to burn itself out.
There are fires that burn slowly and keep increasing as though fuel has been continuously added and they are harder to put out; as there are a continuous supply of fuel feeding them.

One's emotions work at the same way, however, there are others who simply turn the other cheek or abstain from the heat of a flare up with another person.

They simply have this inner strength to listen at a person bawling at them through incredible patience. Then slowly through kindness and generosity their words settle the heat of the argument down.

They consciously monitor the situation, are careful not to add further fuel, say what is needed in the situation. They are aware of circumstances and the consequences of adding further heat when there is no need.

Fighting a fire with fire, causes nothing but a bigger flame and the time to distinguish increases.

A person rises above the flame of an argument, to observe and evaluate; same time to either console or eradicate a problem. This is done at an instant; such is the power of the thought and mind. He simply knows what to do, being patient and tolerant at the one who is irate.

It is a quality the Creator has bestowed on everyone and it is there to be used, to calm an incident. It is a quality that is needed for everyday and the challenges we face each day.

When a person holds back, he cares for another, whether he is aware of this or not. He has compassion, patience and a greater wisdom of insight at this time. Right or wrong it matters not; it is the courteousy which the Creator admires in him.

He is now elevated in the eyes of God for holding back when things could get even further heated.

(But we do admit there are times when rights have been taken away and the need is there to put things right).

One person can shed so much light in the things and manner he approaches his life. He instantly shines above all others, through his etiquette and how he approaches all things in life.

Be that beacon.

Your mother; love increases inside when you show love to others.