IW037 - Strength in Knowing


Hello Son,

Strength in Knowing

In all journeys tolerance and stamina is needed; as learning wisdom from the higher consciousness is a gradual process dependent on you.

Whilst learning is taking place we are constantly scouting, scrutinising, assessing, evaluating, reckoning and in between changing our routine of lifestyle.

This is the learning part of you together with the curiosity which makes you react in this way. There is cautiousness in everyone’s approach; it is like stepping out into a place for the first time and making sure that you have made the right choice. You look around feel the atmosphere, and then look into it deeper and deeper. At the same time your guard is up.

When you know that there is no danger, you relax and then faith is increased immediately.

All in the modern era have adopted this approach as we have been lied to so many times that man is totally fed up now, and demands the truth in this world. As this is common we have also adopted this in our spiritual learning, often questioning teachers, guides and messages.

But remember dear ones, words speak out and their energies manifest in the heart to cause a stir in the body. When this is felt we simply know inside that this is true or even false.

But there are other messages which resonate to different people when we read them. This is because the searcher or learner is looking for a particular message to a question or a curiosity. When he is in this frame of mind he will reject all messages until he finds the right one.

It is like reading a newspaper and looking for a story that you have heard about; you will skip most of the paper until you arrive at the one you want. Then the mind will tell you, yes, and an intense read of the article with scrutiny will take place.

This is all part of learning and the journey everyone is having at this time and in so many ways; everyone has their own search and desire.

When a person gains trust, he becomes open to all knowledge as he knows himself. His limitations and his own goals and tasks; he then reads for pleasure as well as learning.

He has become more independent.

This person knows his strength in his independence and has found his role and wisdom through his search in life.

Strength in character is indeed in knowing that you exist for a purpose and there is someone watching over you.

We think we are alone, but this so opposite to the way we think; there are angels, guides and even past relatives through their spirit that guide and watch over us every second of the day and of course, God.

But this is all visible through a different pairs of eyes which are hidden from the material senses, that still lie dormant.

Nevertheless, belief is another sight of the heart that sees in a different light of things. We simply come alive and feel confident about ourselves, knowing that we know the truth.

Knowing is strength; strength comes from wisdom; wisdom comes from belief; belief is in knowing and so the circle continues.

Each phase feeding every part.

Your mother; in delight, in giving you this wisdom, to share with humanity.