IW036 - The Journey through Cooperation


Hello Son,

The Journey through Cooperation

You are all indeed blessed as so many people at the same time. All are going through the same journey, but at different starting points. This we have to give thanks to God for planning it this way.

A journey only becomes lonely when we stop talking and communicating with each other. The Creator has never said stop talking with each other and hide yourself away. In fact he has said work and help each other through your own goals and find the perfection in life and yourself.

There are many instances where cooperation and working as a team for the better of mankind, is the only and shorter path.

This final phase of enlightenment is through communication and knowing the truth. This can only be done when we begin to discuss the issues that are pondering the minds of everyone.

Look at all the spiritual websites and the huge variety of knowledge that has been written. This is because the need was created by all of you and the demand has increased every week.

The Creator has satisfied the demand to know the truth through thousands of people who enlighten the world through their words.

The journey is not isolated but we often think we are. A finger tip away a person can be contacted and a conversation can take place through the internet or even the phone.

It is still the hidden fear of knowing nothing or little that makes the progress stop.

The Creator knows all your circumstances and has accepted you through his compassion and love; so you should too.

The journey is a path that many are aware of and travelling at the same time.

Your mother; a smile and a word will light up a face in seconds. You are loved in the hearts of millions.