IW035 - Wisdom in Perfection


Hello Son,

Wisdom in Perfection

All around there are signs of perfection only a minute away, we need only to look outside the window of our home. The sight of a tree, a plant or even a blown away leaf, are signs to marvel at. Even the sky and the clouds hanging from above are signs of perfection.

The most creative is man, his intellect and mind stands well above all other creatures; even in his lower vibrational state no planetary intellect can go against him.

Man’s accomplishments are many and go into the millions; we need only observe the shopping areas and variety of things; garments and electronic devices, to see the mind in action.

However, this is only using the maximum potential of the brain, through the senses.

The wisdom of the past sages and Prophets are example of a higher mind and the use of the God self; the higher realities and intellect. They were the chosen ones who reminded man that it is possible to achieve what they did.

These enlightened souls paved the way for generations studying their philosophies to find the truth in their wisdom. Needless to say they were examples of perfection in man.

When a person recognises the missing element in the chain of learning and when he realises that he is capable of doing much more than the norm; he begins to come out of his veil or shell of thinking and enters the higher realms of thoughts.

The further he explores; the deeper into his mind he goes and finds truths and knowledge of himself and around the cosmos and beyond. If he continues on this trail he will always find new avenues, thoughts and ideas that will lead him to other realities.

It is only the first thought of interest he needs to generate, then the desire will come automatically.
Tiredness will be replaced by energy and more energy to do the task is needed to fulfil his goal.

Your mother; the inner sight leads to a refined inner vision of wisdom.