IW034 - Universal Consciousness


Hello Son,

Universal Consciousness

Every day including  what we think is influenced by our surroundings. Sometimes we are inspired to do something immediately and our mind goes into over drive becoming excited. Other times we can become stressed and depressed.

But remember we feed from the atmosphere of our surroundings, which we can change if we know how to.

Let me explain; the universal consciousness feeds the whole planet but only those who are connected to this. There is another consciousness which is the surrounding; we can call this the local area. So when we enter another area we feed off the atmosphere and energies.

The local consciousness can be turbulent according to the area and its stability. Everyone has experienced this when we enter a city and we feel peculiar vibes or even become fearful.

The Universal consciousness is the mean of all the consciousness of the planet which combines every creation from trees to plants to mountains. This also includes human beings but collectively.

When a person is tuned into this consciousness his local conscious becomes dormant and the problems and worries of the area are not experienced. On a regular basis if this connection is met then that person becomes peaceful and calm and has less worries than a person who has a local connection.

The Universal consciousness and the natural world of animals and plants replace the anxiety into a harmony of peace. Their consciousness and mind activity of the plants are less and they simply do not worry about anything, there fore they emit this energy to the world.

Due to the complex mind of man, when every day something new will happen, our minds are confronted with challenges that we cannot explain.

When a person connects to the Universe he automatically forgets his own state of mind and is immediately relaxed.

Your mother; meditate on this and reap the rewards.