IW033 - The Perception of a Seeker


Hello Son,

The Perception of a Seeker

Truth in words or images has its value and through time they repeat over and over again, because it is the truth.

The truth is always inspired by someone or within; to do something. When a stranger reads the truth it speaks to him, filling his mind with images; for he is projected into the words and scenes of the manifestations of the ‘truth’.

We have all read passages of a book or even seen a film/documentary; yet the inspiration and excitement may have been short lived. Sometimes we see a documentary or film about a real life event/happening, that also inspires us only on occasions.

When a person reads something with an open mind, he is able to recognise and relate to the words; he then knows instantly that the words are correct. He may even read them again and again to extract every meaning and inspiration, as though we are lifted to a higher plane. Such is the value of the words.

But if our minds are closed or even suspicious or even judgemental, then the words are simply words; no matter if it was the truth or not; for we have put a veil over our senses and it is our stubbornness that prevents us from learning.

In modern day lifestyles we have been spoilt and at the same time misguided away from our inner and natural instinct that protects and guides us.

We have become so judgemental and prejudiced, which has become so wide spread that even trusting anyone wholeheartedly has become a thing of the past.

So wide spread is the infection that we have become selective when choosing a spiritual teacher or even a guide for our learning. We first analyse and analyse again and weigh up the merits of the teacher before an approach is made. As though he must fit ‘my own criteria, timetable and beliefs’, but who is wise you or the teacher?

Our approach can be so wrong that we are totally blinded. However seeing the truth and to embrace it, is a long journey in itself.

It is this stubbornness and acute thinking that is holding millions of people all around the world back, from awakening.

Weigh up my words and think for yourself, are you able to see the truth and make sacrifices to learn?

It is your path dear souls and I will leave up to you.

Your mother; you are loved and cherished in the Heart of God.