IW032 - Each day we are challenged


Hello Son,

Each day we are challenged

No one has the insight to predict every second of the day; or the insight of all the happenings of a single hour, in what we do or say. There is only one that is the Creator.

If our sight is so limited then why do we hold onto so many egos of ourselves; where others can see our stubbornness.

Can you not see that what you hold inside has little value when you ignore other concerns but yourself.

You read, yet some criticise because they cannot see the impact of these words.

Can you predict the next five minutes, in what you will say and do in detail? If not then you should take heed, for the world is changing.

You may be challenged each day, but the true will hold onto the truth for he knows what is to come. For he does not react to pressure or stress put on by others, for he knows that all is to change and people will change too.

There is peace filling the air and love is multiplying, it is the very reason being challenged each day has no value; because your hearts are being filled with the Divine light of the Lord to awaken you further in your quest led by the soul.

If there is a tear in your eyes it is because truth in humility has manifested inside of you, and the words bring delight.

How many words do we have to write until you wake up to the path that God ordained on the first day of creation? The answer is many, because each day a new person will look in this direction and the circle will keep on going until all have woken up.

Your mother; there are many points to think in these words for those who wish to be lost in the words of their mind.