IW031 - You do not have to be Religious to follow the Spiritual higher path


Hello Son,

You do not have to be Religious to follow the Spiritual higher path

But being mindful to others is a quality. However, believing in God is essential to speed the passage of learning as you have accepted He is the Divine Creator of all things.

A person spends all his life tending to his farm and his animals with love. So much so, the animals become passive and calm when he is around and some even run to him when he is near. He feels totally at ease and pats the sheep and cows and makes sure they are well fed. When it rains heavily he brings them in the barn. He loves his life and his animals give him so much pleasure.

Another person in the city tends to her everyday work schedule. She is busy yet has time for everyone to talk and make conversation. She is responsible at the same time is mindful to what she says to others. When others are around she is courteous and helpful and the same time give her time to help others. Everyone is appreciative of her and they all admire her company.

A third person is a parent who looks after the needs of the children and everyone in the family. Making sure that the family are fed and more importantly having time for them to tend for their needs. Often they sacrifice their sleep and comfort to make sure the family is happy and simply smiling. It is a role they both enjoy as they watch each other grow into a unit over time and the bond increases between them. They too have plenty to offer to their loved ones, making sure what they have learnt during their childhood and young adult life is passed over to the rest of the family.

All three are examples of worldly life yet all of them have connection awareness to the Creator. They are fulfilling a trait that makes them spiritual and that is kindness, respect and courtesy to others. It is their unselfishness and sacrifice to others that the Creator is pleased about. All of them are in the Heart of the Creator. He never forsakes those who do well to others and looks after their welfare.

They are the ones who are in His favour.

But remember religion gives everyone a foundation and we can build upon this and follow a path to the Divine.

However, in our daily lives we too can build a good foundation. One which we can practice our true qualities and utilise in our everyday life. By doing so we expand our attributes and share with others what we know.

In both cases, we are giving our time in raising our vibrations in different ways, which is through prayer or through practice, and we achieve the same thing.

It is our state of mind and what we think in our actions that speeds up our learning. Our thoughts are the catalyst and what we do in our life through practice, is the electric current to the path.

Your mother; respect should be given to all who sacrifice their time to help others for no reward. They share knowledge in helping others and relieve their challenges.