IW030 - The Power of the Divine Light


Hello Son,

The Power of the Divine Light

The life force which we call the ‘Will’, feeds the conscious body which activates the desires and needs. It is an organised and precise system that is both complex and simple in its design.

A person can have all the things the world can offer; from a big house, money and cars, but as soon as he is struck down with a cold or flu he becomes helpless. No money or amount of things can do nothing until the cycle of the virus completes its course and the body fights the infection.

Man during his life time is reminded through his experiences of moments of desperation to helplessness. Some people will say it is to control the ego, whilst others would add, to counteract the balance of energies.

Nevertheless, the need to recognise a higher state of existence is paramount to understand the mind. There is nothing more important than recognising the true needs of the soul to complete its journey through the dimensions of existence.

Yet we do not realise that we actually hinder our own progress by denying the hidden talent that lies with us all. This denial goes deeper and often it is apathy and carelessness that stops one's spiritual and personal development.

There is none worthy of praise than man for talking such a task of living in this lower dimensional existence with nothing but our own senses. But the Creator has left many clues in nature and in others of the right to find oneself and inherit the knowledge of the Divine.

If mankind set aside some time in developing and researching the hidden wealth of the heart and soul; he will then realise the wisdom of the world and its surroundings.

The Creator has made one thing clear, that this is a struggle and needs dedication and inner desire to learn. The first steps must come from within and then the Lord will embrace you and help you along the path.

Your mother; recognise and learn the challenge within to know.