IW029 - In moderation attachments are good for you


Hello Son,

In moderation attachments are good for you

When the balance tips over the scale, becoming an obsession or recurring parasitic thought that resurfaces again and again, we add impurities to the body.

In so many ways there is nothing wrong with liking things in moderation but if they stop you from progressing in your path, then really we should let them go or change direction.

In all circumstances every situation has benefits and losses for that person; but the realist would say when the light enters the body it repels things that is not needed.

This is happening all over the world, a balance of energies that is realigning the body ready for the upgrade to come, the upgrade of consciousness.

In moderation everything is good for you.

So be wise in your own way, you know in the heart what is best.

Your mother; light from the Divine Creator will fashion out a new, You.