IW028 - Doing nothing causes more pain and sorrow


Hello Son,

Doing nothing causes more pain and sorrow

A glass of water left on a table for time will lose its freshness. Then over time impurities like bacteria will invade and house the vessel.

Our body, mind and soul work in the same principle.

If a person does nothing over a circumstance, worry, pain, anguish, lie, or other problems; its stays in the back of the mind; only to resurface time after time as a thought causing further hurt to that person.

It could linger on for years and a sadness that becomes a part of you.

It is time to forgive or flush out these thoughts and circumstances, do something; for it is your right to do so.

Your pain needs attention, if you need to discuss something to someone then do so.

Once you have done this, then release it out of your system and be cleansed and healed; say this and believe it, with faith.

Your mother; in the mind are memories in everyone that needs your attention, they cause weight to a body that wants to fly into the cosmos and beyond. To experience reality in the higher dimensions of existence.