IW027 - A Divine Spark grows and consumes all the impurities of your Life


Hello Son,

A Divine Spark grows and consumes all the impurities of your Life

How can a mistake be left as a mistake when you have corrected it?

How can a lie be a lie when you have said sorry and told the truth?

How can hurt done to others when you repelled and healed the wound your self?

When a person retracts his errors and his concealed plans of ruin for others, he begins to heal. If he continues to bring honesty into his daily life then he has joined the path with others who are honest.

If we look back into our life, every person out of greed and selfishness has done wrong to others, whether small or large it matters not, wrong is wrong.

But the lord forgives those who change their direction and have mended their ways; bringing honesty and love in their life and to others.

When we continue in this route, a divine spark ignites and consumes the impurities of your past deeds and within the body.

We remind you all your past karma dating back many reincarnations are housed in the ethers of the body; mind and soul complex. When we have changed our ways these painful memories that lower our vibrations are consumed.

Then rejuvenation and cleansing takes place within and we feel revitalised.

Honesty in what we say and do and the actions we take is the divine spark that consumes all impurities.

Your mother; pollution is not pollution when light enters into the vessel; as a single photon of God’s energy and wisdom will consume any pollutants.