IW024 - Humanity is kindness a Never Ending flow


Hello Son,

Humanity is kindness a Never Ending flow

There is a silver lining of kindness in everyone’s heart that ignites over time into a gold lining. Compassion starts here and the thought and idea is the spark.

We are often on a daily basis doing things we call natural; this is part of an innate programming given by the Creator to do the right thing. When we do not interfere with this then we do exactly this.

This natural process or simplicity which is not polluted by our rashness is often well received; it is our human nature coming out for all to see.

We are born with this together with a library of information for our needs to do what we like; as long we do not cause chaos. It is within this chaos the programming stops and our lower limited senses take over, only to mess things further.

The Creator has made things easy from the beginning. Yet it is often our interference and curiosity to pull things apart that were already perfect and this our own wrong doing.

It is often the ignorance or lacking or knowledge about the topic or thing that make us do the things that we do.

The mind sparks into life when confronted with an idea or concept; we then entertain this and look deeply into the processes.

To make things better for ourselves and others will always be at the start of all things, small or large; whilst others will still explore their minds to find further solutions of things. It is their programming or curiosities that they follow.

The human nature or the original programming will always be there unpolluted from all things.

It is mankind that shrouds all things; if only he would take a step back and observe the master at his best. Then we can see the things and observe the wisdom through a different and higher aspect.

The compassion of the Creator that we are here to be in this time line; to witness the change is a true blessing, a delight for all.

Let the wisdom of the stream of knowledge flow into your hearts.

Your mother; in compassion we often wake up.