IW023 - Looking Behind to the Source of the Origin—part 2


Hello Son,

Looking Behind to the Source of the Origin—part 2

The Creator is aware of all things from the tiniest to the largest; nothing is beyond comprehension as He is the Creator the Mother of all Birth’s.

When we try to make sense of what is happening around our circle of life, it is only a fraction of our existence; as we often shun everything away as not being important.

But our surrounding circle is important because it stays with you; for example, when we dispute differences of opinion we try to come to an agreement, because there is an innate desire to work things out. The mind will keep reminding of you this, to make things better or a reconciliation of the problem.

The patient one will listen intently, exploring the dispute with questions looking for the origin of the idea the birth of the thought. He will keep exploring to find this idea to better understand the mind of that person.

Everyone is not immune to being angry, frustrated in what we do or say; it is likely that we wanted something or took things expecting a return and did not receive the outcome, for what we wanted.

Yet scenarios are endless, the problems are endless too; and it is most likely a birth that can give rise to many births or ideas and thoughts; making things easier or complicated.

We need to be reminded here that it is your mind and thoughts that serve you to advise, warn or to help you along your journey in life. Are you to ignore this needlessly or do you tap into the secret of thoughts to serve yourself?

In all scenarios of one's complicated life we must show mercy and be patient to our self and others who do not understand the concepts and basic needs of themselves. A veil maybe over their minds at this moment; but please remember it will also be lifted at any time.

What we say and do together with our actions, feeds the surroundings; causing ripples of energies and waves through the ethers of the nearby cosmos.

An action to a reaction; it never fades away but all energies are stored in the fabric and cloth of space. Every person knowing who is able to tune into this can download the wisdom anytime he wishes.

The thought and ideas will continue as mankind will continue too.

Your mother; inspiration in words and the chattering of an organised and wise mind, that knows the truth.