IW022 - Looking Behind to the Source of the Origin—part 1


Hello Son,

Looking Behind to the Source of the Origin—part 1    

For all things there is a source, a birth or a beginning or even start of an idea.

Nothing is chance as everything from a speck of dust in a particular place to a mountain was placed for a purpose; only those who think deeply and find this knowledge will find the answer or explanation.

To analyse is to evaluate a scenario to better understand a circumstance or problem or even an idea. We do this all the time, but it is how long we spend at the problem, governing the type of knowledge received.

If we spend only ten or fifteen minutes thinking and then move onto something else; then our answer will be according to the time taken thinking and concentrating on the thought.

Often artists and those who create/manufacture things and items; for instance designers, they can be lost in for hours in thought. They succumb to an idea that grows in the mind and it keeps on growing.

This is because the idea is still fresh in the mind and has not moved on; it keeps on generating, one explanation after another; it analyses, evaluates circumstances and happening or even consequences; until the thought is exhausted and we are then able to take an action, if any.
Every time we think we tap into the source; if our mind is clear of any negative emotions or even worries; then we are able to receive the resulting manifestations of the thought or idea.

It is like a birth within a birth or a commencing/flow of a stream of information. No matter what you may refer to this, an electric flow has been created and we are the plug.
So many souls all around the world do not recognise that we have all the answers inside the mind. They only need to sit in silence, blank all things out and let the mind do the rest.

Imaginative thinkers make good sages and soothsayers; as they know how to think deeply. We are often discouraged to day dream and constantly be rebuked for doing so.

On occasions this can be true, but it all depends on the thought, the idea or the birth which catapults the mind into another dimension and ecstasy.

Some people say they feel completely cleansed and liberated in doing so, whilst others have been left totally exhausted. This is because the idea or thought is important.

Now every thought has a purpose otherwise it would not originate, it serves the person as a warning or advice. How we interpret this governs the actions we take.

It is necessary to understand this cycle of thinking and the origins of the idea that manifests inside our sub conscious then consciousness, then the logic receptors of the brain which then begins the analysis.

Your mother; knowledge is breathtaking to the wise who lets the stream flow.