IW021 - Being Part of Everything


Hello Son,  

Being Part of Everything

When an ant crawls along a grass verge, his world is what his eyes can see. But when a man walks along the same grass verge he sees much more into the distance and has superior intellect. He uses this to plan, workout and live his life.

An ant too thinks about the prospect of living but for him it is a matter for survival; nevertheless he too is part of the same energy that the universe was created.

Only now we have come to recognise that all living and non living things are all connected together; co existing in a world so vast that we can share our own ideals and prospects.

The only difference is man was made superior and vicegerent of this planet. He was given extra knowledge to take care of the planet and its habitations.

But this does not mean we destroy or pollute natural things which God has created for our pleasure.

The path we walk now requires that we look around and see nature with all its beauty and appreciate a process that was precisely undertaken by the Creator. He planned everything to coexist in an environment that was not polluted as it is now.

Where man can learn and experience the very things he enjoys; is in this current time. He made man not to be so busy that he cannot think quietly to rest and appreciate the splendour of life.

Moments of contemplation about the simple things in life is a reminder to all of mankind to rid the bodily system of material values that hold limited pleasure. However, if  one can find the time for himself and enjoy life in their heart, then it does not matter what worldly things or work he does; Because he has found the source and secret to his life that gives him satisfaction to grow personally and spiritually. This new way of living is what is needed in modern day living.

Your mother; making space in your mind to enjoy the fruits of nature.