IW020 - The life of a busy man, Who has time only For himself


Hello Son,

The life of a busy man, Who has time only For himself

We must realise that life in this world is to build experiences and learn from them to develop his spiritual consciousness.

If a person who is so busy in his life then he only cares for himself. His vision and perception of things will be based around his work or his business. He will not know what the world is about because his life is all but materialistic.

This person will be passionate about himself and the things that he does; everything outside of his circle will be meaningless.

You can argue that he meets and greets people in his circle and is kind; yet his circle is limited and his vision will also be limited.

This upgrade of consciousness that most are going through requires us all to look out into the world and all its happenings and interactions. It is making space within the mind to recognise each other and their concerns. It is the psychology of oneself and others that leads to a greater understanding.

Being in one place all the time restricts our own understanding and perception of learning.

The mind is a library but the doors that lead to each learning is closed as we have no knowledge or simply no understanding.

In other words, we are facing the other way, when we should be ready to open these doors.

Life interactions with others and experiences ignite thoughts which open doors of learning and opportunities. These give rise to greater understanding and inner sight and instinct.

God houses the biggest library in the world to use through all the dimensions in existent. It is the very reason so many people around the world are able to write different words for the same topic.

We have to recognise that our life is only a fraction of existence and the world is a greater existence; not only this but beyond and after death when the soul continues its journey.

We can experience even these realms in from this world. God wants all of us to experience life in the higher realms because this is everyone’s destination.

If you were going on a journey would you want to know where you are going?

Your mother; life is an adventure for those who look and not judge but except others for what they are. They treasure and learn through actions and interactions, knowing one day they will return to the source of all.