IW019 - Practicing and working on our Esotericism


Hello Son,   

Practicing and working on our Esotericism

With life being a challenge, everyday we become accountable for things, actions and what we say; it is no wonder people all around the world are looking for peace and silence to get away from it all.

Many are now realising that there is something really missing that is not present in what they see in our everyday life.  Otherwise they will not feel this way or seek refuge from the world to get a moment's peace.

It is this psychology we must understand and admit that peace is only short lived if we try to find it in this third dimensional existence.

The way forward is finding peace in silence and practicing and working to develop the spiritual or esoteric side of the mind, body and soul complex.

This is the way forward and the only way for personal development on man. It is not wise to waste time in waiting for something to happen, when one can further develop himself spiritually right now.

We must realise that life is short lived compared to the life of the hereafter and we must utilise this time effectively in trust or our self in developing oneself.

Remember this is your inheritance after many reincarnations leading to this moment of time when the support of your Creator is more than ever.

Many can promise you many things but often it does not happen; it is no fault of these people because they too know inside that only God can promise things.

We never have total control of our life as we are not connected to the source to help and guide over all happenings.

We must also remember that there are seven billion paths and each person's experiences are unique to him; so when we do give promise or advice it is based on probability of events happening.

Those whose inner sight is open can give wise advise as they have the connection to see and use their higher intellect to guide.

Your mother; every word and sentence is to make you realise that only you are the one that can change the things around you; so wake up. With love, peace and harmony to you all.