IW018 - Nothing in this world has any Value


Hello Son,   

Nothing in this world has any Value
When say this we mean material things and objects; they only come into your life for a limited time, for a limited purpose.  This is true for almost all things, as there is only a handful of items we keep for a long time.

These things serve to entertain and serve a purpose at a particular time; often it is to fill the time until another item is bought.

We can deduce that all material things have a limited life span in our life and we all know they simply decay away when they are discarded.

We can argue a case, where an item has meant a great deal and we have treasured this for a long time, keeping it safe. However, when it is time to throw it away it loses all sense of importance.

For an example, we buy a mobile phone only to replace it in a years time or two; yet the passion of buying the phone is so intense and remember telling all your friends about the latest phone. But what happens later, it loses its value for you have seen another one somewhere else.

This is a cycle of limited satisfaction and only a false sense of happiness that keeps going round and recurring time after time; regardless of the item, object or thing.

When a person wakes up to the truth he realises immediately his inner likes and dislikes. He begins to study himself and sees that the things he used to fight over or ‘had to have’ mentality, were not really worth while in the long run.

He realises further that these things have lost their value completely as your priorities change. The direction and focus has changed and this person is now looking inwards into the self.
For so long he wonders why he was looking out into the world looking for satisfaction and happiness; only now to realise that wisdom of the self and higher consciousness is the source of one's own needs, according to the directions of the soul.

Your mother; soon when the planets align into formation energies will flood into the body to further awaken the cells and inner wisdom.