IW017 - Inner Emotions


Hello Son,   

Inner Emotions

We often keep deep emotions in the ethers of the mind, sometimes we forget them; nevertheless they stir up from time to time, like a recurring memory. We wonder why on occasions that we are still thinking about these things.

Like memories they are a burden to the mind, because they take up the thinking time away when the mind could be doing something else.

But there is another reason too, and that is the mind telling you to let go or do something about the thought.

The soul is a free spirit, it roams above the higher dimensions having no restraints. Yet it wishes the best for you and often it realises quicker then we do when there is a problem.

It then sends messages; thoughts and ideas that can alleviate any problem; if we are focused then we can tackle the problem.

The soul too recognises the restraints, the prejudices and anger we hold inside and has the wish for you to be free. When we say, free, we mean peace of mind. When this is achieved, the pain and chattering of thoughts and ideas is minimised.

It is the very reason we have to acquaint ourselves to the inner happenings and the higher messages from the spirit. For it is closer to God and not polluted from the dimensional energies of which are common in this planet.

When a person achieves a certain level of satisfaction, he puts a shield around him which protects him emotionally and spiritually.

Your mother; seek the love and wisdom of your innerselves.