IW016 - Seek Peace wherever You are


Hello Son,

Seek Peace wherever You are

Turbulent is the mind that cares for others for its heart cries out for mercy. It wonders, it thinks and churns away thoughts after thoughts seeking for peace in everyone’s heart.

In its own heart, it cries, looking for a way out of its dilemma, experiencing the pain of being confined in a space where the master of oneself is in darkness.

It waves and screams for attention but we do not listen. How can we listen when do not know or even have a relationship? So we walk in darkness not knowing what steps to take.

Alas, a silver lining, a spark an ignition takes place, a thought and now a sentence is received into the mind. Communication and a beginning of a connection take hold.

We no longer are in darkness but in light we can hear the wisdom and love of the heart.

It has been a long time, now I understand myself, and where I am going.

Will you join me in this journey?

Your mother; the battle is not a battle if we listen and submit to ourself.