IW015 - The Making of You


Hello Son,

The Making of You

The Godself is the spirit and it’s the spark that generates into the thought; the subconsciousness via the soul relays into the conscious. The mind is only a translator and dually interprets all thoughts and messages.

Every thought, idea, focus point and all messages go through this relay system.

We can also say that each transfer of message is like a veil as it goes through the spirit, subconsciousness and consciousness.

In each of these veils, interference can take place due to; negativity, stress, anger, poor concentration, worry and ego. When this occurs the message in each phase can become distorted or part of the message can be lost.

We do appreciate that thoughts occur every second, more when a person is actively busy; nevertheless thoughts can be harnessed and interpreted correctly.

In dreams the soul contacts the soul to inspire and guide the conscious being. We remind the mind, body and soul work in harmony to assist in life and living in this planet.

The soul is the active player because it knows what is right for the body; it has no barriers or hindrances in its veil. It is our own state of mind that clouds all judgements and the actions we take.

This is not true in all circumstances as we can also be influenced from the ideas of others; like a salesman eager into selling an item, we can easily be led astray due to misconceptions.

There is no blame in this criterion as long as others have not been hurt in any way. In all cases it is better to forgive and ask for forgiveness when we do make mistakes.

In tiredness messages can lose their speed and lose their focus from the conscious which is unable to interpret messages. It is wise in this case to take a break.

When we begin to look microscopically and in detail about ourselves and how we best function, we can then understand the making of the idea and conception and finally the new, you.

Your mother; blessed are the ones that listen in all circumstances through all the veils and still are patient with their words.