IW014 - From fragmentation to order and prose


Hello Son,

From fragmentation to order and prose

There is chaos and order in the mind of everyone; this is because we switch in and out of consciousness and our higherself. We cannot get away from this as we live in this turbulent third density dimension.

Often our emotions are in the mercy of others, as we remind you again with this line.

The mind receives information as a single word. Completely fragmented we entertain this thought thus completing the download immediately. The word is the title of this thought; that we have been inspired by.

Often our minds are blurred to stress, worry or even tiredness. Then is the download like a prose or a sentence. On occasions a gap could occur diluting and making interpretation difficult.

(The principle of dreams work the same way, but dreams are more complex and have their own language, which some can interpret.)

In silence; as in contemplation and meditation, we can minimise the disturbance in communicating with our higher self. This practice was given to all the Prophets as form of communication with God.

When the thoughts become less and less until there is no thought, the message is then received by the receiver. This person can now learn how to focus and listen. We do appreciate that this is not easy, but the main reason we should ask ourself is Why?

Due to hectic lifestyle and difficulty in life, we often are stressed in the mind and the mind has forgotten how to relax.

If we stop and pause for a moment, we can clearly see in life how holidays, recreational activities and meditation has increased tenfold over the years; this ties with everyone being so busy in life that they too are searching for this haven of peace.

Your twin flame and peace partner lies within; it is your connection with the higher self and the connection with God.

There is much wisdom in the word that ignites into a burning flame and knowledge, completely nourishing the mind with beauty and wisdom.

This my dear ones is possible if we lighten the burden in our daily lives; it is necessary we should tire ourselves daily and make our minds full with the stresses of the day?

Your mother; with much love I give you this message for you to think over.