IW013 - Saint Germain----The Believers Tale


Hello Son,

Saint Germain----The Believers Tale

My dear soul it has been a while but your remembrance of me has made me come to you again.

Did I not say that your work and channelling will be read by thousands; now across the globe they know your name and that of your mother. Praise is to you and God for his wise selection in fulfilling His messages upon everyone.

Write, indeed you have my protection.

Let me enlighten you with my teachings and others may also learn and take heed.

A believer is someone special who takes into account what he says and is constantly mindful of his actions. He walks tall but in humbleness for he knows that there is a greater force than himself.

He does not cause mischief or mayhem to himself and others; as this is the cause of all misinformation to mixed emotions that drowns the mind into sorrow and helplessness; causing him to wander the land in discontent and confusement.

When a person looks down upon himself, he lowers himself and the mind loses his high insight and wisdom. The lower vibrations are indeed limited and only a fractional amount of intuitiveness is used. He lacks positivity and mostly is negative, some waver between believing and unbelieving.

They actually want proof and constantly cry out in anger saying ‘where is your proof’.

A believer does not waver, but has found the foundation of his source and this is called TRUST; for trust leads to many avenues of wisdom and insight. It is a direct root to the harmonic frequencies of the Lord and its primary source of energy, Love.

When TRUST his achieved his percentage belief increases over time; as the system of knowledge and how it is transferred to the enlightened soul is a gradual process. This is also dependent of the person learning and how much his body, mind and soul can tolerate the information; as this is a chemical as much as a physical process.

Every person in the world at this time is going through many transformations including an increase of insight to wake up and minimise the gap of disbelief. This again is according to that person; however we can accelerate the process by being active in one's approach.

The path is lit very brightly and many are seeing the truth and being guide , but remember the law of free will; it governs you to make the necessary steps along the way.

We will proceed in your awakening for as long as you desire this and show your dedication and trust with the Lord. We say this to all of mankind.

We admire your dedication dear one and have given you wisdom which you have used well.

I am Saint Germain and may the light inspire you all to greater wisdom and insight so that you and that of your loved ones may understand too. Until we meet again farewell.