IW012 - ‘Only that my Heart be Satisfied’


Hello Son,

‘Only that my Heart be Satisfied’

There are still many who still ask for proof of ascension and the coming events that will unfold.

There is a time when all things will be revealed according to one's own awakening; some know more than others, this is according to the directives which God has given to them. They have also sworn a covenant to Him.

Be assured we want the best of you and we still suggest that let the forth coming events be not a distraction. He is still sponsoring those who take heed and have asked to be saved so that your lives will be better.

He has given you wisdom and an increase in insight so that you may understand and come out from the veil of ignorance into the light of truth.

There are many signs to look out for if you so desire to find these things out.

The belief in your hearts goes stronger each day and we ask that you continue with your daily lives and responsibilities. A time will come when you will be given clear instructions, so trust in the Lord who guides all.

Your mother; through intuition and dedication the heart and the flame inside will continue to burn brightly illuminating the darkness within us all.