IW011 - He brings them out of Darkness and into the Light


Hello Son,

He brings them out of Darkness and into the Light

Many fear for your loved ones and are genuinely worried that they are still in darkness over waking up. But remember they are still not ready and some will give them a shock if they were to wake up. The are others who have total disregard of any faith or belief and they are the strong willed.

Nevertheless, it is God who will bring many out of darkness and into the light and elevate them to their rightful position. So be not concerned for God has a plan for everyone and others alike.

For every person awake in their own way we suggest that you seek further and gain further insight. A target is advised to be kept in your heart so that the flame of desire and determination burns brightly.

In every knowledge you seek there is an unknown which contains the formula, attributes and action to make it apparent for manifestation to take place.

This means that inspired knowledge acquired through the higher consciousness, meditative state, direct download from guides and Godself, must be used wisely and thoughtfully.

If you look back into history, knowledge was given to mankind in phases according to the personal development of the mind. This is also dependent on how much tolerance they have.

Remember, all knowledge is light and if we pour light into a mind that was dark, the brightness will have a negative effect. We hope you understand this analogy.

It is the very reason for some we have given a particular task, directive, inspiration, goal, and knowledge according to the person. We also have given knowledge to all people from different races and faith all over the world. In each case no two are alike and no one is above another; it is God who knows all things for he is your patron, supporter, benefactor, guardian, defender and protector.

He is the start and the end and everything in between.

We have also given knowledge when there was a need according to the time and place so that you may understand and be guided.

We remind you to stay in the light and those with pure, loving intentions so that you may be guided and your minds are free from the veil that clouds all judgements into error.

We love you.

The light of truth is one, while the darkness of disbelief, doubt and error are many.

Your mother; words of the Lord are many which contain wisdom to those who take heed and wish to progress in their designated fields.