IW010 - So Remember Me and I will Remember You


Hello Son,

So Remember Me and I will Remember You

When a person loses his memory he is lost, amnesia is that ailment that leaves a person in total bewilderment. He does not know where he is going and many lose their own identity.

A person's experience is like an inner strength for us to use in life; but as soon as this is gone we become fearful and uncertain.

If we look at societies; we live in groups of people from families to social and work. When we interact, a remembrance like a mergence of energies connects with each other. This is like a rejuvenation of the bodily cells and mind.

Remember this is nothing new.

When we visit somebody we become enlightened and even more when we communicate, have you ever asked why?

These interactions are necessary for the sanity of the mind. In this era the use of the internet can replace connection with people to a certain point; but face to face is better.

If we now compare with remembering God and conversing with Him, we can now imagine how we feel. This is the same for so many people who pray, converse and spend from what has been given in remembrance of their Lord.

It is like a tonic like no other, a rejuvenation and trust at the same time. We also feel confident with our actions as we have the knowing that God is guiding us and has faith in us.

So remember me and I will remember you, and do not deny me and I will not deny you, said the Lord; hoping each day will fill with hope and honesty together with inner strength; that you become enlightened and invigorated.

It is your destiny, your goal to inherit the wisdom of the past that was given to all, so remember and remember again each day.

Be not lost for what you were before but look into the light that shines in all darkened places replacing your energy with insight.

Your mother; remember the people of the past with appreciation for they left a legacy and experiences for us to learn from.