IW009 - Inclining towards Truth


Hello Son,

Inclining towards Truth

There is an innate desire to know the truth; if this is not possible then seek and find the source.

All around the world many are on a quest wherever they live to find facts and honest occurrences of events. This is the sign of people waking up; when false becomes intolerable.

Your whole body chemistry within the cells are changing and activating; the lower limitations of third dimensional energies are being replaced.

In this process they are replaced by fifth energies which incline towards the truth; as they are higher dimensional.

This transitional period will cause some internal pain from head to abdomen; this is the conflict between one's own body resisting the change. For some this will take time; but this process needs to take place.

When a person seeks truth in his life, his life becomes easy and God lightens his burden if he truly believes. However, when a person believes and disbelieves fourth and back again, he ruins himself. It is like going on a path and constantly turning around.

Remember truth is from your Lord, never become one of the doubters.

For these people there is emotional instability and we ask that you pray for them; so that they too may understand. There could be many reasons why but they too are going through their own experiences and they simply need more time to awake.

We do not prejudice against these people but only use them as an analogy as all Holy Books written have done the same. These examples are here for a reason so that we may study lives and consequences and pray that our path and that of our loved ones becomes easier.
When truth in words and actions becomes your life, then we enter a subconsciousness of calm and insight. Over time this high energy is like a field that tolerates things around us and God gives us the strength to tolerate more than the average. This again increases over time.

This inner strength is both emotional and we are able to tolerate wisdom from higher dimensions. There is wisdom in these words to pursue.

Your mother; follow the guidance of truth and reap the words of nations and people who have done so.