IW007 - ‘We forgave you…..’


Hello Son,

‘We forgave you…..’    

The cleansing of oneself continues and ‘we forgave you of the past for what you believe and past deeds’.

It is time to let go of the thoughts that keep repeating and chattering that is in your minds. They need to be rid of the subconsciousness to make way for light and insight for your consciousness.

God has forgiven you and asks that you move forward.

The memories may still linger, the pain will lose its power and be replaced with insight that will give peace.

There are some of you who have physical pain and other symptoms. This is energies at this period making way into your body. Resist it not but let it permeate through every cell and settle down. Your body has been so used to the lower limitations of the third dimensional density that it's fighting with this new and higher energy.

This fighting will soon settle down and the body will realise the positive energies, connection and agreement, that internally will take place. The pain will be no more and you will soon feel invigorated.

The scares of the mind are greater and many carry baggage from the past. Some try to reason with them however there is no need other than forgivingness and the attitude to move on. God has forgiven you, say this daily and believe this now.

Every interaction with others is for a reason and soon you will receive your own answers from yourselves, from the inner wisdom and insight that you all seek.

Never again will darkness rule your life in ignorance.

‘We forgave you…….’
‘We forgave you…….’
‘We forgave you…….’
‘We forgave you…….’

Now move on and be kind to your own emotions and others who are going through their own unsettling period of time.

Your mother; ‘We forgave you…….’, smile and love take hold of you.